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Kristina (aka Dina) Witman, Owner & Baker

Baking is my love language. I grew up knowing just how special "homemade" was. What makes homemade better than store-bought? The Having that homemade birthday cake every year was something I always looked forward to. I loved helping my mom bake. She learned from her mom, and I hope to share that experience with my daughter.

To me, it's an honor to bake for a special celebration. From weddings, to birthdays, to everything in between -- I've got you covered! 

When I became a mom in 2020 I decided not to return to my desk job. I wanted to focus on my family, particularly raising my daughter. As she grew into a toddler I couldn't stop thinking about her helping me bake someday. What started as a hobby soon became more. Family and friends would tell me I should pursue my passion for baking. So, I finally decided 2023 was going to be my year...THE year! Thanks to my very supportive husband I was able to get Flour Garden Bakery up and running. After all, it was my peanut butter brownies that won his heart when we first started dating. Baking is truly an act of love.

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